The PENC Leadership Institute is designed specifically for engineers who aspire to lead well.  It follows a structured, time-tested approach to developing your leadership skills.  It will guide you to--

  • Assess your current level of leadership knowledge, skill, and personal leadership style
  • Learn practical new skills to boost your effectiveness in tough real-world situations
  • Apply these new skills almost immediately in real-world situations at work
  • Assess how you did through authentic feedback and careful self-reflection
  • Pinpoint your successes, areas for continued growth, and adjustments needed

All participants will benefit in many ways.You will-- 

  • Learn cutting-edge leadership concepts and practical skills 
  • Learn collaboratively with other engineers
  • Gain greater self-awareness and interpersonal skill for handling tough situations
  • Receive private coaching from the instructor
  • Earn 39 PDHs 


Participants should have the support of their employer and supervisor and are expected to--

  • Attend all scheduled online training sessions
  • Apply lessons on the job
  • Report on how lessons were applied and what was learned from doing so
  • Teach at-work colleagues what you learned
  • Deliver a 10-minute presentation on lessons learned at the 2022 PENC Summer Conference


The PENC Leadership Institute is a unique leadership skills development program. It is designed to help engineers become exceptional leaders. It has trained 106 engineers in NC since 2011,This career-building opportunity runs weekly from September to December 2021. The only requirement is the strong desire to learn. Although offered through PENC, being a member is not a requirement.This program delivers fast-paced, hands-on training. It builds a wide range of leadership skills:  taking charge, setting direction, delegating, influencing, inspiring, coaching, and dealing with conflict – all in an emotionally intelligent way. It also develops valuable communication skills like public speaking and delivering tough messages tactfully. 

This program is for those who are willing to work hard to hone their skills,  The class is limited to 16 people, two of whom will be sponsored public sector employees. 

Fall 2021 Leadership Institute 

September 8-December 10
Online webinars Fridays from 8:30-10:30 am
Apply by August 26, 2021
Cost: $1,100 per participant 

 Program Information and Outline 
Apply online:

Leadership Institute Classes


Alex Adekoya,PE             WK Dickson                                                                         
Andrew Gliniak, PE           Terracon
Holly Christenbury, PE      WSP
Miles Grubbs, PE              Little Diversified
Tara Hofferth, PE              City of Raleigh
Beth Quinn, PE                 City of Raleigh
Nisha Thuruthy, PE           McKim & Creed
Mike Solano, PE                Mid-South Construction
Zach Trammel, PE            McKim & Creed
Nat Ume, PE                     Jacobs


Aaron Wagoner, PE          Land Design
David Isenberg, Jr, PE       NCDOT
Michael J. Fendrick, PE     ATCS
Courtney Potter, PE          Robinson & Sawyer
Lydia Ward PE                  Freese and Nichols
Troy Karski, PE                 McAdams
Carlos Nieves, PE             Little
Drew Ritter, PE                 Ramey Kemp
Colleen Brophy, PE           WK Dickson
Daniel Brown, PE              Jacobs
Haley Martin, PE               Formerly at Terraco
Stuart Woodard, PE          McAdams              
Cary Rodriguez, EI            City of Gastonia


Matt Alexander, PE           Terracon
Scott Beard, PE                  Duke Energy
Jon Becker, PE                   WSP
David Blankfard, PE          Little
Randall Brookshire, PE     WK Dickson
Elizabeth Reid Collins, PE Jacobs
Douglas Cooper, PE          McAdams
Kelly Dodson, PE              Jenkins Consulting Engineers
Janelle Griffin.PE              RTI
John Martin, PE                McAdams
Alexander McMillan, PE  WK Dickson
Sharareh Nejad, PE          Formerly at RTI
Kenneth Ritchie, PE         City of Raleigh
J. Dantzler Withers, PE    Ark Consulting

2017- 2018

Matt Bare, PE                   WK Dickson & Co
Matthew Barton, PE       CLH Design
Kristin Brickman, PE        Jacobs
Andrew Eagle, PE             Ramey Kemp and Associates
Aaron Evans, PE               Kuraray America Inc         
Steve Frey, PE                  Town of Mint Hill
Robbie Kirk, PE                 SEPI Engineering and Construction
Rob Kral, PE                      S&ME Inc
Mark McAuley, PE           ColeJenest & Stone
Matt Oblinsky, PE             Deltec Homes
Sonia Salgado, PE             City of Asheville
Aaron Singleton, PE         Kleinfelder
Ronyell Thigpen, PE         WSP USA
Rebecca Turner, PE         W.K. Dickson & Co
Jennifer Varnadoe, PE     Duke Energy


Elizabeth Goodson, PE      Town Engineer, Town of Pittsboro
Lou Misenhamer, PE         Duke Energy
Joshua Nelson, PE            Duke Energy
David Cale, PE                  Little Online
Tamara Murphy, PE          US Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District
Sterling Baker, PE             NCDOT
Ebony Hagans, PE            WK Dickson
Pat Gunsch, PE                RTI International
Monroe Huckaby, PE        WK Dickson
Corey King, PE                 Kimley-Horn
Brian Wert, PE                  NCDOT
Chris Boggs, PE                NC State
Chad Bobrowski, PE         Vaughn-Melton
Bradley Kimbrell, PE         City of Raleigh


Robert Barrier,PE             NCDOT
Gabe Dobbs,PE                Kimley-Horn
Joe Piccirilli,PE                 Kimley-Horn
Stephanie Holloman, PE    WK Dickson
Lauren Wellborn, PE         Geosyntec
Melissa Taylor, PE            Little Online
Caroline Kone. PE             City of Hickory
Justin Biegler, PE              Dewberry

Kelly Becker, PE                NCDOT                           
John Core, PE                   Beacon Development
Chad Easter, PE                The Wooten Company      
Sean Gleason, PE             McAdams
Kristen Hill, PE                  S&ME                              
Greg Kershaw, PE             WK Dickson           
Simon Lobdell , PE            OWASA
James Michel, PE              Fayetteville Public Works
Mike Neff, PE                    Toll Brothers
John Norwood, PE            Kleinfelder             
Mike Shelton, PE               Kimley-Horn           
Christina Warr, PE            Mosler Engineering           
Ludmila West, PE              Porticos

Monica Fulkerson, PE        Jacobs (Charlotte)
Jeremy A. Rivenbark, PE, . CJS Conveyance
Jacob VandenBosch, PE     Black and Veetch
Crystal Freeburg,PE           Formerly at WK Dickson  (Charlotte)
Kevin Plemmons, PE         HDR (Charlotte)
Wes Carter, PE                  Lancaster County Water and Sewer District
Christopher Oliver, PE     NCDOT
Jamie Gregg, PE               City of Apex
Larry Mitchell , PE           Dewberry

Adrianne Elder, PE            Duke Energy
Virginia Norton, PE            REALTOR
Ian Jewell, JD, PE             Freese & Nichols
Tom Muse, PE                   Consultant Engineering Services
Heather Szews, PE           Duke Energy
Susan Habina Woolard, PE Town of Matthews
Neil Perry, PE                    NCDOT
Eileen Navarrete, PE         City of Raleigh
Reives Jones                    Grad Student, NC State
Beth Smyre, PE                Dewberry