Professional Engineers of North Carolina Milestones

10/07/1949 M. Frank Wooten, Jr. & Other Pioneers Meet - Chapel Hill, NC
12/14/1949 Professional Engineers of North Carolina Established
01/31/1950 Professional Engineers of North Carolina Incorporated
05/01/1953 Publication of the Professiona Engineer Newsletter Began
04/01/1968 Edwin P. Davis Employed as first PENC Executive Director
11/01/1968 Pubication of the Professional Engineer Magazine Initiated
08/30/1973 Roy L. Baber, Jr. Employed as PENC Executive Director
06/25/1981 PENC Political Action Committee Established
10/25/1984 PENC Educational Foundation Incorporated
02/08/1991 Paul B. Goodson, PE Employed as Executive Director
02/09/1996 Engineers for Better Government PAC Established
08/01/1996 PENC Office Relocated to 111 N. Boylan Ave, Raleigh, NC
09/01/1996 PENC Web Site Debut
01/26/1997 NSPE Winter Mtg Hosted by PENC - Charlotte, NC
02/19/2000 Charter Class of PENC Fellows presented at PENC's 50th Anniversary Gala
06/01/2004 Judith K. Weseman, PE Employed as Executive Director
10/01/2006 PENC Office Relocated to Venture Building on NC State Cnt. Campus
11/01/2006 PENC Premieres New Website Design
12/01/2006 Betsy Bailey Employed as Executive Director
03/23/2015 FirstPoint assumes Administrative responsibilities for PENC
03/17/2015 PENC hires Laurie Onorio (WalkWest) as PENC Lobbyist
03/13/2017 Catie Cox Employed as PENC Membership Director
04/24/2017 PENC Deploys New Website