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Part of the P3 Powerful Partners program for corporate memberships, the Affilate Partnership is the membership solution for suppliers and vendors that do business with engineers but do not typically employ them.  If your company is interested in gaining maximum exposure among our members through multiple advertising and sponsorship opportunities, this is the membership for you.

Why become a P3 Affiliate Partner?
  • New Clients. With over 1700 members in all disciplines, many of whom own small businesses, our membership represents a new client pool eager to find services that fit their needs.
  • Savings. An Affiliate partnership can save you thousands of dollars in advertising costs by bundling high-impact opportunities into one flat fee.
  • Name Recognition.  The Affiliate membership will gain your company widespread recognition among our members through the use of print and electronic advertising opportunities and in-person and virtual sponsorship opportunities.
  • Confidence.  Through an Affiliate membership, our members will know that your company is committed to supporting the ethical practice of engineering.
  • Flexibility.  With a variety of ways to partner through the Affiliate program, your company can design a membership that achieves your marketing goals.
PENC provides five types of Affiliate Partnerships to provide maximum benefit for a wide variety of companies.  Please download the flyer for complete information on the benefits that come with each Partnership type.  For information about the Affinity or Discount partner partnership, please contact PENC's Director of Membership, Jaclyn Young at or 919-834-1144 ext.2.

Platinum Partner $1500 annual fee
Gold Partner $1000 annual fee
Silver Partner $500 annual fee
Affinity Partner Determined case by case
Discount Partner Determined case by case

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Contact PENC Director of Membership, Jaclyn Young, at or 919-834-1144 ext. 2. for more information or to answer any questions about the program.