MATHCOUNTS ® is a national math enrichment, coaching & competition program that promotes middle school mathematics achievement in every U.S. state & territory. Sponsored by PENC & NSPE, MATHCOUNTS® is one of the most successful education partnerships involving volunteers, educators, industry sponsors & students.

MATHCOUNTS - PENC Supporting Math Education

Each year, increasing numbers of schools are discovering MATHCOUNTS, a program that rewards students for excellence in mathematics. Hundreds of North Carolina students participate in MATHCOUNTS competitions held in February each year. This nationwide math competition for seventh and eighth graders is sponsored in North Carolina by PENC with the cooperation of the NC Department of Public Instruction, the NC Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and several corporate sponsors.


MATHCOUNTS prepares students for advanced mathematics courses and for careers in many technical fields, including engineering. The program offers our members a positive way to support and strengthen math education at the junior-high level. Our specific goals for MATHCOUNTS are:

  • To increase students' motivation to be "math literate" by giving recognition to outstanding math students.
  • To educate the public about the importance of mathematics and the role math-oriented jobs play in our technological society.
  • To help strengthen math curricula in our schools

How the Program Works

Each PENC chapter has a MATHCOUNTS chairman (listed in the right frame of this page) directing a committee to encourage school participation, produce publicity, secure local sponsors, and organize volunteers to run the chapter competitions. PENC provides each chairman with a Chapter Competition Planning Guide that recommends procedures for organizing the competition.

In August, PENC sends schools registration materials. Throughout the fall, teachers at participating schools coach their students and administer an in-school competition. These activities spur students to view math as challenging, rewarding, and fun.

In January, teachers administer a test to all students interested in becoming a member of the school's team. A team consists of four members, an alternate, and coach. Beginning in February, the teams compete at one of ten PENC chapter competitions held across the state.

Each competition consists of written and oral contests requiring both team and individual work. Team and individual winners are selected on the basis of the combined scores of the contests. The top-scoring teams at the chapter level advance to the state competition held in the Raleigh/Durham area in March. If the four top-scoring individual are not members of these top-scoring teams, they are also invited to compete at the state competition.

The four top-scoring individuals at the state competition from the North Carolina team enter the national competition in Washington, DC. All travel expenses to the national finals are paid by national MATHCOUNTS sponsors.

North Carolina Students are Winners

Teams from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, Panama, the State Department and Defense Department Schools compete at the national level. North Carolina students consistently do well in the competition and always win from the experience even when they do not bring home a trophy.

Chapters report that MATHCOUNTS is the most exciting program initiated by NSPE in recent years. The program is an excellent opportunity to involve new members and is also attracting the support of our long-time members.

If you have not seen a MATHCOUNTS competition, don't miss out again! Many volunteers are needed on the actual day of the competition. A small amount of volunteered time can make a big difference with MATHCOUNTS.

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2017 MathCounts Chapter Coordinators

MATHCOUNTS Coordinator
Name: Marc Worth, PE

Central Carolina
Name: Amit Sachan, PE, CFM
Company: Project Director, Public & Private Mid Atlantic Atkins

Eastern Carolina
Name: Carl Bonner, PE
Company: Terracon Consultants, Inc.

North Piedmont
Name: James Chandler, PE
Company: AC Corporation

Name: Bryan McCabe, PE
Company: Pender County Utilities.
Phone: 910-259-0212

Name: Tommy Sherard, PE
Company: Duke Energy Corp.
Phone: 704-382-7740

Name: Marc Worth, PE
Company: PSNC Energy
Phone: 828-670-3520

Name: David Phipps, PE
Phone: 336-661-1887

Central Piedmont
Name: Bill Roberts, PE
Company: Duke Energy
Phone: (828) 323-2772

South Central
Name: Kelly Dodson
Company: Jenkins Consulting
Phone: 910-822-1724