The Engineers PAC is YOUR PAC

The mission of the Professional Engineers of North Carolina is to protect the professional engineering license which in turn promotes a safer, stronger and more vibrant North Carolina. PENC is the only organization that fully represents your PE license.

The Engineers Political Action Committee (E-PAC) is moving in an exciting new direction. PENC has participated in E-PAC for over two decades and continues to view the PAC as critical to its core mission. Recently, PENC leadership announced their intention to cover the full administrative costs of E-PAC. This PENC/E-PAC partnership reaffirms our commitment to protect the engineering profession from harm and support legislators who understand the criticality of licensure and responsible practice.

In an effort to be the voice of ALL PEs, one of the proposed changes is to reduce restrictions on who can serve as a Trustee, opening seats on the Board to any E-PAC contributor who is a member of an engineering organization or is actively licensed and in good-standing as a PE in North Carolina. E-PAC Board of Trustees are in the process of developing revised bylaws

The Benefits of E-PAC

  • E-PAC gives YOU a voice in the political process and to broaden the influence of engineers over legislation that affects our profession
  • Represents the best interests of ALL engineering professionals
  • Contributes to candidates that support the best interest of the public health and safety

What is our purpose?

E-PAC’s purpose is to evaluate and provide financial support to candidates for State of North Carolina public office who by their acts have demonstrated interest in principles of good government and in cooperating with the engineering profession in matters of public interest. This support is given without regard to political affiliation.

Where does my contribution go?

One hundred percent of all contributions go directly to the legislators or councils of state (Governor, Lt. Governor, etc.), as determined by our own Board of Trustees. E-PAC contributions go to candidates who are supportive of issues which affect the engineering profession.




How can you become involved?

Membership is open to all individuals who wish to make financial contribution to the PAC. All contributors to the PAC shall be considered members of the PAC during the calendar year in which their contributions are made. Contributors of $25 or more shall be granted voting privileges during the remainder of the calendar year in which their contributions are made and the subsequent full calendar year for the election of Trustees and for amendments to the Bylaws of the PAC. Members are encouraged to give at the highest Giving Society possible to leverage the impact of their contribution.

To become a member of E-PAC, mail the completed membership application to: PENC, ATTN E-PAC, 1500 Sunday Drive, Suite 102, Raleigh, NC 27607