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2019 Webinar Series
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Wednesday, May 22


Engineering Malpractice:   Yellow Light Durations and Red-Light Camera Systems; Part II:   The Misapplications of Physics of the Yellow Change Interval 

Brian Ceccarelli is a licensed professional engineer in the State of North Carolina.  Mr. Ceccarelli has a degree in physics from the University of Arizona.   As principal software engineer for Talus Software PLLC, Mr. Ceccarelli has developed computer-aided mining applications, CAD/CAM applications, biomedical applications and space exploration applications for Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Ceccarelli became interested in traffic engineering when the Town of Cary, North Carolina bestowed upon him a red-light camera ticket.   Since then, Mr. Ceccarelli has been published in Traffic Technology International and has been an expert panelist in traffic signal timing for the Institute of Transportation Engineers.   He has presented for the North Carolina Society of Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the National Society of Professional Engineers and for the United Kingdom International Press’s Autonomous Vehicles Symposiums in Europe and America.   Ceccarelli is an expert witness in traffic signal timing and red-light cameras in several States.   

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May 1, 2019

Beam Technology to Improve the Lifespan of Bridges with Brad McCoy, NCSU
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April 10, 2019


Dorothea Dix Master Plan Update with Kate Pearce, AICP

The City of Raleigh, in partnership with Dorothea Dix Park Conservancy, has embarked on an incredible effort to create America’s next great public park. It truly is a special place that has the potential to capture the imagination of the world with compelling, courageous and innovative ideas. The Master Plan process was governed by a community-led, multi-tier structure. This webinar will feature an update on the Master Plan, led by Kate Pearce, AICP - Senior Planner and Project Manager for the City of Raleigh. 

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