The PENC Leadership Institute is designed to develop participants' leadership skills through hands on training with a renowned instructor.  The enrollment period is open for the 2016-2017 class being hosted in Raleigh and for the 2017-2018 class in Charlotte.  You can’t have too many tools in your toolbox when it comes to rising in leadership--sign up now to secure a spot before it’s filled up.  The deadline for this year's Raleigh class is July 31, 2016 or 14-participants, don’t miss out.

About the Program:
PENC has partnered with Rich St. Denis, a highly experienced leadership training instructor who will offer a unique program that focuses on developing right-brain thinking - the communication, people and visionary skills required of effective leaders. Over the course of the year-long program, participants will learn:

  • Understanding leadership
  • Emotional intelligence: a key to leading well
  • Developing managerial skills
  • Setting directions and expectations
  • Influencing others
  • Inspiring others
  • Enabling others
  • Creative problem solving and decision making
  • Dealing with conflict

Some of Rich's major clients include: Siemens Corporation, Mercedes-Benz, CNN, Turner Broadcasting, Office Depot, US Air Force, and Department of Defense.

The PENC Approach:

This program uses more than just classroom training. Through on the job application, mentoring, team projects and consistent feedback and assessment, this program will allow participants to realize their full leadership potential!

Benefits and Outcome:
Participants of this program will:

  • Demonstrate greater leadership knowledge, skill, and ability in leading people and teams.
  • Demonstrate greater emotional intelligence, responsibility, initiative, self-empowerment, accountability and pride in leading their work units, and instill the same in colleagues.
  • Be better able to engage, influence, motivate, inspire, and coach their colleagues and teams.

Companies supporting their employees as participants in this program will benefit from

  • Employees who are able to take on more responsibility
  • A satisfied employee who can work well as part of your team 
The Institute is limited to 14 spots, and interested engineers must complete an application in order to be considered.

It is not necessary to be a member of PENC to apply.

Click here for the Leadership Institute Application

For More Information, please contact
Sean Gleason at