Professional Engineers of North Carolina (PENC) is the ONLY organization in the state that exists to protect your professional engineering license. Comprised of over 1100 licensed engineers, Engineer Interns, and engineering student members, PENC is committed to promoting and protecting licensure and the ethical practice of engineering.
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Engineering News

2016-2017 Officers inducted:
PENC President -
Nathan Epling, PE
PENC President-Elect - Paul Shivers, PE
PENC Secretary - Vacant
PENC Treasurer - Tom Bach, PE
PENC Past-President - Susan Habina Woolard, PE

At-large directors are:
Sarah Spagnola, PE
Greg Welsh, PE
Rob Downs, PE

What's good for crops not always good for the environment

Corn fields in Iowa: Site of NSF's Intensively Managed Landscapes Critical Zone Observatory (CZO).

What's good for crops is not always good for the environment. Nitrogen, a key nutrient for plants, can cause problems when it leaches into water s...

Community College Innovation Challenge

Community College Innovation Challenge Many real world problems can be solved with STEM-based solutions. NSF invites teams of community college students to identify key problems and propose innovative solutions in this national contest.

Putting the sloth in sloths: Arboreal lifestyle drives slow pace

The diets of two-toed and three-toed arboreal sloths consist mostly of tree leaves.

Although most of the terrestrial world is covered in trees, few vertebrates make the canopy their home -- and even fewer subsist solely on a die...

Tech uses sound waves to find clogged sewer pipes

Two men and equipment at a sewer opening

With more than 800,000 miles of sewer pipes in the United States, wastewater utilities tasked with keeping those pipes clear have their work cut out for them. Now, a sma...

GOES-3 satellite decommissioned after linking Antarctica to the world for more than 20 years

The University of Miami's 20-meter antenna

The National Science Foundation (NSF) late last month decommissioned a 38-year-old communications satellite that for 21 years had helped to link NSF's Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station w...

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1500 Sunday Dr. Suite 102
Raleigh, NC  27607


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July 26, 2016
EPAC Luncheon
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August 31, 2016
PENC Wilmington Seminars

October 3, 2016

PENC Charlotte Conference

December 12-14, 2016
PENC Raleigh Seminars

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